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  • No smoking
  • No pets (unless preapproved)
  • No towing (unless preapproved)
  • No hitch use (unless preapproved)
  • No exterior cargo.
  • No ladder or roof access.
  • No campfire smoke damage.


  • Hanson road (too bumpy, can wreck electronics).
  • Unpaved dirt roads, cane fields, pineapple fields, or off state or county roads.
  • East of twin falls on Hana Highway (unless preapproved).
  • Past “Honolua Bay” route 30.
  • Past Waihee Point route 30.
  • Crater road to Haleakala summit.
  • Kula side and secondary roads( Major Routes Only! Grade too steep for large trucks)
  • Renter is responsible for all damages to vehicle, tires, brakes, towing charges if breakdown occurs in restricted areas.
  • Vehicles have tracking keys so upon return GPS determines whether travel restrictions have been broken.
  • Travel restriction are taken very seriously not all Maui roads are safe or good for these vehicles violations result in a $500 fee taken off damage security deposit.

Terms, Conditions, & Restrictions

(May change without notice)

• Renter must be at least 24 years of age and with a valid driver license must be on the contract and present at pick up.
• Renter must have a valid credit card that we debit at dispatch for security deposit.
• RVMaui.com will provide you with a rental agreement to be given to your insurance company so they could provide you a policy binder covering the RV rental period. The least expensive way to insure your rental is through your own insurance company.
• Our whole sale pricing model requires all reservations are to be paid in full when you are ready to secure your travel dates. No sales tax required as all coaches are privately owned and the sales tax for the RV was paid for by the owner at time of purchase. Fees are payable directly to the owner of the RV by cash, personal checks, certified checks, traveler checks. Please only book when you are ready as we offer NO REFUNDS. Credit cards are only acceptable for damage security deposit, basic cleaning, and check out fees.
Damage security deposit:
• Damage deposit is $1000. The deposit will be used for Insurance deductible (if needed), damage or any additional fees. After return check- in the remaining balance will be calculated and returned within 7 days.
• No Refunds are given unless RV can’t be delivered. If break down occurs we will reimburse you for your days lost.
Additional Fees:
• Fuel charge- RV must be returned full, additional fuel needed will be charged and a $25 fee added.
• Generator charge- More than 2 hours per day will be charged $5 per generator hour.
• Delivery fee- Depending on location ($0-$175).
• Excess miles- More than 100 miles per day is charged $1 per mile.
• Deep cleaning- Due to smoking, campfire smoke, soiled carpet or furniture ($75 per hour).
• Travel restrictions- Many roads highly prohibited $500 fee so check list.
• Vehicle restrictions- Check list subject to $500 fee if violated.
• Damage- estimated and charged accordingly ($100 per hour shop labor rate).
• Late returns- $50 per hour.
• All fees deducted from damage deposit security and returned within 7 days .
Comprehensive walk thru:
• At the time of departure showing you how to operate all systems taking approximately a ½ hour.
• If you are involved in an accident you must notify RVMaui.com within 24 hours. A full written police accident report must be submitted upon return. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit. An estimate an appraisal will be done to determine repair and replacement cost of the vehicle.
Vehicle height:
• Be sure to watch for low hanging structures at gas stations, fast food restaurants, parking lots and tree branches along the road.
Vehicle damage:
• Our goal is to be as up front and clear as possible .If there is damage we will give you a detailed list of the parts we used. You will also be charged expedited delivery for parts that must be ordered off island and $100 an hour for standard shop labor rate.
Vehicle maintenance:
• Check engine fluids every time you stop and refuel. If the vehicle needs fluids add the proper amounts save the receipts and you will be reimbursed. Driving with low fluids can cause engine damage which you are responsible for. It is also vital to check generator oil every 6 hours of operation (use same engine oil).
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